Oasis Blue OH1 Guitar Humidifier

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How the Blue Oasis OH1 Protects Your Guitar

Blue Oasis OH-1 Guitar Humidifier Installed in the SoundholeWhen mounted between the D and G strings in your guitar’s soundhole, the USA-made Blue Oasis OH1 Guitar Humidifier protects your instrument against hairline cracks that might result from drying out. What sets the OH1 apart from many other soundhole-mounted humidifiers is its elegant anti-leakage design. Soundhole humidifiers that use foam or sponge to hold water may provide adequate defense against dry environments, but fail to protect the instruments from potential leakage from the humidifiers themselves. The Oasis OH1 prevents water leaking into your guitar in two ways:

  1. The blue OH1 reservoir is made from a specially designed fabric that allows vapor to pass through it and humidify your guitar while blocking the passage of water.
  2. The super absorbent Humigel crystals inside the OH1 turn water into jelly. This enables the water to evaporate and humidify your instrument, but prevents water leaks should the humidifier become damaged.

To further protect your instrument, the Oasis OH1 is made from soft materials so it will NOT damage your strings or dent or scratch your guitar.

Oasis OH-1 Guitar Humidifier full vs emptyRefilling the Blue Oasis OH1 Guitar Humidifier

As water vapor is dispensed from the blue OH1, the humidifier shrinks, making it easy to tell when it needs a refill. The included 10cc syringe makes filling the humidifier a snap. As the minerals contained in tap or bottled water may clog the liner, distilled water is recommended to extend the life of the humidifier.

When Should You Use the Blue Oasis OH1?

The Blue Oasis OH1 humidifier is suitable for moderately dry environments with humidity levels between 25% and 40%. If your room is extremely dry, with its typical humidity below 25%, we recommend the Oasis OH5 Plus+ model instead. In conditions above 40% humidity, you should NOT use a humidifier at all. Typically, humidity drops in the fall and rises in the spring, so you may not need to humidify your guitar all year round, or you may switch between the OH1 and OH5 models as needed. It’s best to use hygrometers to determine the exact humidity levels both inside and outside your guitar case.