Oasis Guitar Hygrometer Holder OH-20

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The Oasis Guitar Hygrometer Holder eliminates inaccurate humidity readings by allowing placement of the hygrometer within close proximity of your soundhole humidifier. Guitar cases are designed with an integrated accessory box and a cradle to support the neck of your guitar. While these features are useful, they also create a humidity barrier. Thus placing a hygrometer in the headstock area or by the accessory box will give you a humidity reading good only for that area, not for the instrument body, where your humidifier is located.

How the Oasis Guitar Hygrometer Holder Works

Made from soft loop Velcro, the holder wraps around the first string and provides a flat surface where the hygrometer can be mounted. An adhesive backed piece of hooked Velcro attached to the back of the hygrometer allows it to be anchored to the holder.