Oasis Regency RG-2000

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The Oasis Regency RG-2000 set of classical guitar strings consists of normal tension nylon trebles and normal tension Sostenuto basses.

Oasis Regency treble classical guitar strings are made from a crystal clear nylon polymer that creates a clear, beautiful, bright sound. Oasis precision manufacturing has created a string with extremely consistent diameter that you can trust — no more worrying about intonation problems! Fast and responsive, Regency trebles come in three tensions: normal, medium-high, and high.

Each Regency treble set is tension matched with Sostenuto basses developed by Oasis for the discerning classical guitarist who, above all, desires a lyrical and powerful sound, with prolonged sustain. The strings settle in quickly and have improved durability. Sostenuto bass strings come in three different tensions: normal, medium and high. They are wrapped in tarnish resistant poly bags.