Hannabach 950 Titanyl Medium Tension, Basses Only

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The 950 basses have a high density, yet flexible synthetic core and are wound with a new long life silver plated alloy wire. The strings have a clear sonorous sound developing into beautiful brilliant upper tones.

Hannabach 950MT Titanyl Basses Specifications

  • For standard scale length 65cm
  • MT (medium tension, black)
  • Basses:
    • Copper magnesium alloy
    • Long life silver plating
    • Sonorous sound development with beautiful, clear overtones

Hannabach 950MT Titanyl Basses Tensions / Gauges:

4th D - 7.2 kg / 0.74 mm
5th A - 7.0 kg / 0.91 mm
6th E - 7.0 kg / 1.12 mm