Hannabach 900 Silver 200 Medium High Tension, Basses Only

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The basses of this series are wound with a silver coated wire with a higher silver content. This ensures a longer string lifespan and provides them with a brilliant sound. The knot end is made with a strengthened cotton to ensure a tight string fit and quick and long lasting tuning.

Hannabach 900MHT Silver 200 Basses Specifications

  • For standard scale length 65cm
  • MHT (medium high tension, lilac)
  • Basses:
    • High quality silver plated bass strings
    • Longer durability

Hannabach 900MHT Silver 200 Basses Tensions:

  • 4th D - 7.5
    5th A - 7.4
    6th E - 7.4