Hannabach 888 Green Line High Tension, Full Set

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This newly devoped series is based on ecological principles. Many ecological and environment friendly materials are used in the manufacturing process. The basses are made of a newly developed copper magnesium alloy which is free from nickel, cadmium and other harmful substances. They are hand machine wound under strict quality supervision. For the protection of the bridge and to guarantee a tight fitting string knot for quick and consistent tuning, natural colored finest biological cotton is used. The package is made from recycled paper and printed with natural inks.

Hannabach 888HT Green Line Specifications

  • For standard scale length 65cm
  • HT (high tension)
  • PR Precision Round Clear Nylon Trebles:
    • Professional quality
    • Colored markings for easy tension recognition
  • Copper Magnesium Alloy Basses:
    • Newly developed copper magnesium alloy wire
    • Free from nickel, cadmium, lead, chrome, cobalt, potassium, mercury (tested by an independent scientific institute)
    • Natural colored biological cotton on string ends for quick and consistent tuning

Hannabach 888HT Green Line Tensions:

  • Trebles:
    1st E - 7.8
    2nd B - 6.5
    3rd G - 6.8
  • Basses:
    4th D - 7.8
    5th A - 7.7
    6th E - 7.7