Hannabach 828 Flamenco Black Medium Tension, Basses Only

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Hannabach took tried and proven bass strings from their Flamenco 827 series and made a few changes. The bass strings can be recognized by the black and red cotton strengthened ends which look beautiful when tied on the bridge. These strings are especially suited for the player who accepts no compromises in terms of optical impression, quality and sound.

Hannabach 828 Flamenco Black Basses Specifications

  • Standard scale length 65cm
  • MT (medium tension)
  • Coated Silverplated Wound Basses:
    • Special silver plated wire
    • Special protective coating against blemishes and corrosion
    • Strengthened cotton ends for quick and stable tuning

Hannabach 828MT Flamenco Black Basses Tensions:

4th D - 7.2
5th A - 7.0
6th E - 7.0