Hannabach 826 Flamenco Buleria Low Tension

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Let your guitar dance with these new Buleria strings! Buleria is a very popular dance which originated in the 19th century in Jerez, Spain. This string series is appropriately named after this cheeky, fresh and spirited dance which is a must at any Flamenco gathering. The Buleria strings are light, non colored, and available in a newly designed packaging with a reduction of more than 50% in utilized paper, carton and plastics.

Hannabach 826LT Flamenco Buleria Features

  • Standard scale length of 65cm
  • LT (low tension, green)
  • Clear Nylon Trebles:
    • Nylon monofilament
    • Standard quality
  • Coated Silverplated Copper Wound Basses:
    • Special silverplated copper wire
    • Round wound
    • Special protective coating against blemishes and corrosion
    • Higher silver content and loosely spun ends for easy fitting
    • Easy tension recognition through color coding

Hannabach 826LT Flamenco Buleria Tensions:

  • Trebles:
    1st E - 7.3
    2nd B - 6.2
    3rd G - 6.4
  • Basses:
    4th D - 6.8
    5th A - 6.5
    6th E - 6.5