Hannabach 815LT Silver Special Low Tension, Full Set

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The low tension Hannabach 815LT Silver Special classical guitar strings offer balanced, brilliant tone and perfect intonation. The 815LT precision round (PR) clear nylon trebles boast absolutely even round surfaces without any irregularities or deviations. The 815LT copper wound basses are plated with high-content silver and coated to avoid blemishes or corrosion. They have loosely spun ends to facilitate installation, and are color coded in green to easily identify their low tension.

Hannabach 815LT Silver Special Tensions

  • Trebles:
    • 1st E - 7.3
    • 2nd B - 6.2
    • 3rd G - 6.4
  • Basses:
    • 4th D - 6.8
    • 5th A - 6.5
    • 6th E - 6.5