Fishman Powerjack PRO-PJA-001 Onboard Preamp

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The Fishman Powerjack PRO-PJA-001 miniature onboard preamp is built into an elongated endpin jack. The Powerjack provides active performance to your passive piezo pickup. There are provisions for a second input source allowing for a mic or magnetic soundhole pickup to be added. The preamp runs off of a single 9-Volt battery for approximately 12,000 hours.

Fishman Powerjack PRO-PJA-001 Installation

Both the manufacturer’s and our recommendation is always have a qualified stringed instrument tech or luthier perform preamp installations. Nonetheless, we recognize that lots of players out there work on their guitars and ukuleles and are capable of performing this installation. If you are adept with a hand drill, can follow instructions, and carefully consider the mechanical factors that can affect performance, there’s no reason why you can’t successfully install this preamp in your guitar or ukulele.

Please note that Fishman’s instructions, are tailored for installations on steel string guitars. Apply the principles outlined in their installation guide as they would pertain to a classical guitar or ukulele.

Model Fishman Powerjack PRO-PJA-001 Onboard Preamp
Size/Type Preamp for passive pickups
Preamp Endpin jack
Controls None
Dimensions Internal endpin type jack with standard 1/4’’ phono input
Installation Professional installation recommended by manufacturer. Professional installation available for instruments and pickups purchased from Marfione Guitars