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Laguna Tools Features Marfione Guitars In Latest Video

Marfione Guitars’ workshop is equipped almost exclusively with Laguna power tools, including their IQ HHC CNC Machine, which is used extensively in our shop. This is the second of two videos produced by Laguna profiling Marfione Guitars and my workshop as well as giving viewers a peek at Continue reading »

Lacote V-Neck Joint

Lacote V-Neck Joint: Part 1

I started working on necks for 5 Lacotes and would like to share my technique for rough cutting the V-joints used to attach the neck shaft and headstock. While I believe I may be able to leverage my CNC machine to create at least part of this joint, these particular …

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Lacote End Blocks

Making end blocks is a fairly routine and somewhat mundane task. Sitka Spruce is fashioned into a semi-circular rough shape and then fine-fitted to the ribs using sandpaper. Making these blocks is definitely a candidate for my CNC machine in the future, but for the time being, here’s a brief slideshow of my …

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Lacote Back and Side Laminations

Back lamination 4

I recently started work on two Lacote style guitars: Blanca and Negra.

Blanca is constructed of Curly Maple, Negra of Black Walnut. The domestic hardwoods for both instruments are laminated on Sitka Spruce.

My decision to laminate both backs and sides is predicated on the whole notion of building a light weight, responsive instrument. Many …

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French Polishing Using 151 Proof Alcohol


Liquor Laws in many states do not permit the sale of rocket fuel (151 proof Everclear), which is the prevalent recommended substitute for the toxic mineral spirits often used as the cutting agent in French Polishing. When I stumbled across this substitute, I lived in New York state where Everclear is not available. As I …

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Pinned Necks

Michael Gurian developed an innovative method for attaching necks to both Classical and Steel String guitar bodies. Borrowing from a tried-and-true timber-framing technique of inserting a pin through eccentric holes in a mortise and tenon neck joint he was able to create a very serviceable neck joint. Cumpiano and Natelson further promoted this technique in …

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