Fishman AG-Series Ukulele Pickup PRO-AG0-UKE

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Fishman undersaddle ceramic ukulele pickup PRO-AG0-UKE is a great choice if you want to keep your transducer setup simple and perform minimal modifications to your instrument. The PRO-AG0-UKE is designed as a stand-alone transducer and does not require either pre-amplification or a battery. All this adds up to a fairly simple, lightweight pickup solution worth exploring.

Fishman recommends using an impedance matching pre-amp for best results. We recommend going with an external preamp as any onboard preamp would require an on-board 9-volt battery which really defeats the purpose of choosing this lightweight ukulele pickup.

PRO-AG0-UKE is designed to fit on ukuleles with a 3/32'' (2.4 mm) saddle slot width. Pickup length 2'' (51 mm) Fits most ukuleles with string spacings of up to 1.67'' (42.4 mm).

Fishman AG-Series Ukulele Pickup Installation

Both the manufacturer’s and our recommendation is always to have a qualified stringed instrument tech or luthier perform pickup installations. Nonetheless, we recognize there are lots of players out there who work on their instruments and are capable of performing this installation. If you are adept with a hand drill, know how to solder, and can follow instructions, this should be a fairly easy install. Please note that Fishman's instructions, while clear and concise, are tailored for installations on steel-string guitars. You will have to do a bit of mental transposing and apply the same principles outlined in their installation guide as they would pertain to a ukulele.

Installation is fairly straight-forward: transducer underneath the saddle and the jack in the end-pin hole. What might make this challenging for someone other than a stringed-instrument technician or luthier is the access to end block through the soundhole. Uke soundholes are fairly small. Unless you have the proper tools, getting the jack in place might take some time.

Model Fishman AG-Series Ukulele Pickup PRO-AG0-UKE
Size/Type Undersaddle compression pickup
Preamp Passive, no preamp required. Endpin included
Installation Professional installation recommended by manufacturer. Professional installation available for instruments and pickups purchased from Marfione Guitars