Traveling Tonewood Salesman

Let’s face it…rummaging through wood piles and stacks of tops and backs is a real high. When we part with our hard-earned dollars buying wood, we at least like to have the opportunity of choosing it ourselves. Unfortunately for most of us, due to geographic constraints, we have to rely on a handful of suppliers to make our selections and ship it to us sight unseen!  I’ve been lucky up to this point and haven’t received anything unusable. But buying over the internet is crap shoot at best, even dealing with the most reputable suppliers, and deprives us of the pleasure of making our own choices.  I recently had a great wood buying experience of a different sort where the vendor comes to my shop with a van loaded up with a lot of nice tops and back and side sets, and allows me to select  wood in the comfort of my own shop.

I discovered L’Archet Brasil quite by accident, on the internet, of course. They specialize in violin bows and woods, but they recently expanded their offerings to include guitar tonewoods as well. They are the exclusive US distributors for the well-known Italian wood processor and supplier Rivolta. You won’t find much info about their guitar related woods on their site: larchetbrasil.com, but you can call them up and talk to either Jorge Montiero or Atila De Freitas and find out what they have to offer. It’s well worth the effort!


Selecting tonewood in my shop with Atila De Freitas of L'Archet Brasil

Selecting tonewood in my shop with Atila De Freitas of L’Archet Brasil

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