Savarez 510CR Cristal Cantiga, Normal Tension

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The Savarez Cantiga 510CR normal tension classical guitar strings offer a pure sound free of fretboard noises and are suitable for both stage performance and studio recording. New Cristal trebles and Cantiga basses are paired together to offer the discerning player enhanced harmonics and overtone spectrum, precise response, long lasting sound and easy playing in a normal tension string.

New Cristal trebles offer excellent sonority and intonation. Bright and transparent, they offer the player all the advantages of unrectified strings in terms of feel, playability, and sound quality. They are ideal for recordings and amplified performances on stage.

In addition to the elimination of fretboard noises, the polished Cantiga basses with reinforced pure silver core offer tone quality, power, projection, and ease of playing generally reserved to round wound strings.