Kenny Hill Signature Series Concert Classical Guitar (2010)

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The Kenny Hill Signature Classical 650-cedar guitar has become the instrument of choice for scores of concert artists, recording artists, competitors, professors, fine players and collectors around the world. This is an earlier model Signature built in 2010 and utilizes traditional fan bracing as opposed to the newer Signature tops which are lattice braced.

This early Signature Classical guitar we believe is constructed with double top consisting of a Cedar outer top and inner top/lining of spruce. While the top incorporates both woods, using the light bulb test, it appears not to utilize a Nomex core. Whichever wood shows on the outside gives the guitar its dominant character in terms of sound, while the inner wood flavors that character.

Sides are constructed of Indian rosewood laminated with a cypress lining and includes sound ports. The back is Indian rosewood only.

The Spanish cedar neck and headstock are joined with a wonderfully executed V joint. The thickness and shape of the neck, and the relief of the elevated ebony fingerboard, as well as the string setup have been optimized to make this guitar a dream to play. The neck is installed with a two-way adjustable truss rod to allow a quick relief adjustment to suit the player’s requirements. The elevated fingerboard configuration of this Hill Signature guitar serves two purposes: (1) it changes the way the strings pull on the top, promoting efficient vibrational transfer; and (2) it gives the player easier access to the upper register above the 12th fret.

This instrument is French polished (there is some wear and fingernail scratches) However, there are no gouges in the wood and the fingernail scratches are repairable.  Sloane tuning machines are installed. This earlier model Signature design, materials, and construction culminate into a solid, very balanced and powerful, extremely easy playing guitar. As Kenny says, “These are the best guitars I know how to make.” Not withstanding it is an earlier model Signature, Kenny's statement holds true.