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We’d like to welcome Tony Ennis into our Marfione Guitars / All Strings Nylon consignment shop family. Tony has been a woodworker since his junior high days. He has built everything from boats to elaborate signage. But most of his time has been spent (30+ years) designing and building many of the historic horse-drawn carriages, many of which travel the streets of Charleston, SC.ennis-unibody-guitars-web-025.png

He likes to recount like many of us, how his interest in guitar surfaced during childhood. And while he doesn’t claim to be an accomplished player, he’s always loved the instrument. But what has interested him more is the rich pallet of sounds the guitar produces, particularly a nylon stringed one. His first serious work on guitars dates back to 1965 in his senior year of high school.

Fast forward a bit…today you’ll find Tony building the most advanced guitar he can possibly build. His new and different building approach creates a more solid, stable platform from which all the various sound producing components of the instrument can reach their full potential. In addition, this strong, light platform or framework not only itself contributes to sound production, but also serves to unify (not just couple) all the component part, thus producing very strong, well defined musical sound. Tony tries to incorporate all the best current proven methods and materials into the building of his guitars in order to maximize the effect of his Unibody design.

Tony is truly motivated to build the guitar he does out of respect for those who have lovingly brought the classical guitar to where it is today. It’s this passion that brings forth guitars that are beautiful, playable, and truly reflect the tradition of the instrument and provide the artist with an instrument that helps convey feelings of the heart.

Chuck Marfione
Luthier/Owner Marfione Guitars / All Strings Nylon

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