Marfione Slant Top

Rib Construction

I have started working on the first of my slant-top construction versions of my Concert Classical. This is just a prototype of what I modeled in my Rhino 3d software. While everything looks good on paper ( or in this case on my monitor). I’m really not going to know how well everything fits together until I actually build one of these. While the neck will be adjustable, there’s certainly not a lot of room for error in terms of neck height off the body or the limits of the negative neck angle. Even with all of the planning I’ve done to get to this point, I’m certain there will be some trial-and-error involved in determining the optimum height and angle.

Marfione slant top


I’m a traditionalist at heart and love working with the geometric patterns associated with traditional rosette making. However, for this build I chose to work with something perhaps more contemporary and understated. I have  a few chunks of spalted maple lying around so I decided to slice off a few thin sheets and make a few rosette inserts which fit where one would normally place tiles that reflect some sort of motif, whether it be geometric or floral in nature.  The spalted insert is bordered with concentric rings of alternating concentric rings of natural curly and black-dyed maple.

Concert classical rosette