Workshop Update

My wife Magz and I moved from the Finger Lakes region in New York to the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains in North Carolina in 2010. Needless to say, as with any move it was disruptive on many fronts. I had to pack up my entire shop and put it into storage for two years. We lived in an apartment for a year while the house and the cabin shell for my workshop was constructed.

It took me almost another year to complete the interior of the first floor of the shop. While the shop was operational I still had some work to do. For several months I ran the shop with several extension cords hanging off the exterior receptacles of our house, not to mention the extra 220 dryer circuit in our spare laundry closet which I used to power all of my 220V machinery. It was not pretty, and the extension cords were a real pain. I was constantly plugging and unplugging stuff in the shop and tripping over cords. But at least I was finally able to start working on something other that construction projects. Two years was a long time to wait to start building guitars again! With the electrical service now in place I’m starting to get into the daily rhythm of a full-time luthier. I feel blessed to have this luxury.

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