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Traveling Tonewood Salesman

Selecting tonewood in my shop with Atila De Freitas of L'Archet Brasil

Let’s face it…rummaging through wood piles and stacks of tops and backs is a real high. When we part with our hard-earned dollars buying wood, we at least like to have the opportunity of choosing it ourselves. Unfortunately for most of us, due to geographic constraints, we have to rely on a handful of suppliers to …

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Collecting Tonewood

sawing walnut

I was fortunate enough to come across about a dozen logs of Black Walnut and Cherry several years ago and made it back up to New York last year to cut it up into two to four-inch billets using an Alaskan Chainsaw Mill. While it was slow going, I was able …

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Figured Backs

Have you ever noticed how many hardwood suppliers have jumped on the bandwagon and entered the instrument wood market? Many of these suppliers have been in the business for years and no doubt know their wood. But perhaps in some cases they are taking advantage of those luthiers who are willing to sacrifice stability for …

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